Valentine’s Day or Social Pressure?

Do we sometimes get caught up in the hype of doing something because we are expected to?

Do we have to celebrate Valentine’s Day on a certain day? Does it make us feel better if we do? Do we sometimes make decisions because everyone else is doing it or it is expected?

This all makes me think of a new pet that we have. We recently adopted a beautiful German Shepherd whose owner had to give him up. We already had a dog and 2 cats so weren’t looking for anymore pets. At first it was only going to be a temporary home.

I watched the anguish of the owner and her beloved dog knowing that they couldn’t be together anymore. I deeply felt that any decisions about finding a home for this dog needed to be carefully chosen and not an impulsive decision even though this all needed to happen as soon as possible.

Do we sometimes make rash decisions about things? Absolutely! Just like on Valentine’s Day when some people rush to buy something for their loved one(s) or make a dinner reservation because it is expected. Then we feel better knowing everyone will be happy or pleased with what we have done.

Instead maybe we should make choices because we want to regardless of the pressure or expectations from others or society?

I know that we made the right decision to adopt this beautiful German Shepherd and did so because we wanted to but I am also glad that we seriously thought about it first and didn’t make an impulsive decision just to make everyone feel better and like us for what we did.

Do you make choices because they truly feel right for you or because you are expected to or feel pressured into making the choices that you do? I’m going to celebrate Valentine’s Day in June because it feels right for me. My choice. Wonder what others will think about that?