Translating Love

Animal Communicator Who Loves Connecting With Horses or Any Other Pets/Animals

Animal Bridge

Animal Communication Expert

"We are only stewards of this earth, and what we do to it, we do to ourselves, too. We, animals and humans, need to work together as co-habitants on this earth. We, humans and animals, need to listen to and respect each other and find ways to communicate with each other in loving and supportive ways."

I have always loved being around animals. "When I first began working with the animals as an animal communicator, I had a very strong visual of a massive stampede of animals charging toward me, and suddenly, they stopped right in front of me and laid down a bridge for me to cross. After that experience, the name Animal Bridge seemed to be a fitting name for me to use to honour them. I could feel the sacredness of the world they were inviting me to enter. I am still in awe and deeply grateful for all the things the animals have told me and shown me since they invited me to enter their world."


Fostering Understanding and Resolution

As an animal communicator, I assist and support animals and their people in developing a deeper understanding of each other and resolving any issues that they may be facing.

Through intuitive and empathic communication, I can hear and feel your animal's thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations.

My role is to act as a bridge between you and your animal to get answers to questions you have for your pets and to relay messages from the animals to you.